SP is gained far more often and in greater quantities than AP. SP however is much more limited in its use compared to its bigger brother. However SP gain is not restricted to DM grants only, as it is gained when skills are used, on critical failures/success, and upon encounters and quest completions.

Whenever SP is gained by die roll it always goes to the skill that it was rolled on.

SP Gains via dice:

  • +1 SP on critical success or failure. Doing exceptionally well or poorly at something is a learning experience. This rewards bold luck and takes the edge off a massive failure.
  • +1 SP on success of untrained skill. Doing it right at all when you don’t know anything about it is a good thing, and players will eventually need to learn new skills by doing and self teaching rather than using a trainer.

SP Gains via DM:

  • +1SP x LRN after completing an encounter. The DM will notify you when the encounter merits this reward. (super easy encounters shouldn’t net the full reward while hard encounters might net AP)
  • +2SP x LRN after completing a quest/mission. Completing a large task is often quite informative about ones own skills.

SP can be spent in two ways:
20SP x (Skill Rank +1) x Skill Tier = +1 skill rank to that skill
10SP x (Skill Rank +1) x Skill Tier + AP x (Skill Rank +1) x Skill Tier = +1 skill rank to that skill


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