Skill Trainers

Skill Trainers are incredibly valuable assets to player characters. They allow players to pick up specific skills much faster than they would in the wild. This learning process although faster is often rather expensive in therms of coin and valuables. A Train may desire items of power or lump sums of money in order to teach players (or NPC’s) what they wish to learn.

Every day that the character spends learning from the Trainer they gain SP equal to the Trainer’s Teaching skill, in the skill being learned.

Unlike self training the amount of SP required is one half the normal for skill advancement. Ex: Self training a Tier 1 Rank 1 costs 20SP (see SP) if self taught but under a trainers eye it only costs 10SP to make the check to learn the skill. Additionally the LRN Check to learn the skill becomes a 3d6 best two rather than 2d6.

As usual if the LRN check fails the SP is lost and the next attempt at learning the skill has a +1 applied to the next attempt to learn the skill, stacking as usual.

If the check is passed the player may now invest the AP needed to purchase the skill if untrained or may purchase it normally.

Skill Trainers

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