Self Training

Self Training is how most players will pick up and advance their skills. Self Training is the hardest way to learn skills as it is the most SP intensive if the player fails their LRN check. This is why it is advisable that a player or two may wish to pick Training up as a skill if they have skills that other players wish to learn.

In order to attempt to learn a new skill a player must complete the following prerequisites:

  • SP for the skill advancement must be available. For the purposes of learning a new skill this must be a SP only buy. (See SP for more information)
  • The player must be out of combat.
  • The player must have used the skill in question for a reasonable length of time before learning the skill, and used recently. (DM’s decision).

Once the above conditions are met the Player make make a LRN check (2d6) if the player succeeds they may then spend the AP required to advance the skill from Untrained to Trained.

If AP is not immediately available the player has a reasonable length of game time to acquire the needed AP. If the player is unable to acquire the AP half the SP is refunded and the roll is treated as a failure.

If the player fails the LRN check the SP is lost but the next attempt at learning the skill gains a stacking +1 bonus to the roll.

Self Training

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